Exhibitor Profile

    · Machinery, Accessory, Auxiliary Equipment Of Pulp Paper   

    · Paper Making Automation And Instrument
    · Tissue Paper Related Equipment
    · Energy-Saving, Environmental Protection, And “Three Wastes” Treatment Technology And Equipment
    · Paper Processing, Printing, And Packaging Equipment
    · Industrial Robot Machine: AGV Handling Assembling Robots, Palletizing Robots, Truss Manipulator Robots, Multi-DOF Robots, Parallel Robots,Coordinate Robots, RGV, Rail Car And Automatic Cars, Etc.
    · Functional Parts And Components For Industrial Robots: Servo System, Controller, Demonstrator, Motor, Reducer, Sensors, EmbeddedSystems,Robotic Hand, Special Tools And Fixtures, Special-Purpose Wire And Cable, And Machine Vision Systems.
    · Robot Development Platform And Software: Operating System, Developing Platform, Simulation Technology, Test Technology And Equipment, Image Processing Systems, Machine Vision Integration Systems, Image Processing Software And Other Applications.
    · Smart Solutions: Robotic Workstation, Warehouse Solutions, Intelligent Plant Solutions,  Industrial Robots’ Products And Solutions For Palletizing, Handling, Detection, Sorting, Packaging And Other Applications.